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Featured Products


Fluid and easy to slip in statements is trending with LELA . Quench your thirst to create fashion trends with ‘FASHIONISTA’ from LELA. And true to the spirit of LELA ,celebrate every moment of life


Travel, not to get lost but to be found. Blending multicultural fashion trends ‘Wanderlust’ is fashion statement of humanity. With its core essence of being undefined and unchecked, Lela once again is celebrating the blessing called Life through Fashion.

Boho Chic

Calling all hippie vibes! We make it easy to dress boho-chic for all you free spirited globe trotters. Blend in with the worlds best fashion trends with this classy yet playful collection.


Take a look at our Organic creations especially created for women who are on the go. In its true boho spirit, you will enjoy the breezy, breathable freedom with Naturals.


Glitz and Glamour, Bright and Shine, Lela is an unapologetic, free soul who loves to be in control of herself. This season, wear our collection to stay ahead of trends!


For Lela who believes in living life to the fullest, the reasons to celebrate comes from inside and not outside. Lela celebrates Life…